Selection of Color work

Music Video for Otieno Terry "LKWABLVD

Promo for Kijiji 2018 Festival. Shot/Edit/CC Additional Photography - Carlos Cruz

Music Video for Cataldo "Little Heartbeat"
Directed by Christopher Harrell Produced by Bobby McHugh DP - Tyler Kalberg Produced by Electric Sheep

Seahawks Microsoft Commercial
Produced by Color Creative

Music Video for Otieno Terry "Jaguar Stupid"

Music video for Shabazz Palaces "Shine a Light." Director/Writer: Neil Ferron Director of Photography: Jacob Rosen Edit/Color: Tristan Seniuk

Music Video for Briana Marela "Call It Love"
Directed by Briana Marela & Bobby McHugh Director of Photography: Eleanor Petry

Portrait of Salty Seattle Dir. / Editor: Carlos Cruz DP: Carrie Robinson CC / Editor: Tristen Seniuk