Selection of Directorial Work

Director Montage

Including selections from: Zero Zero, Iska Dhaaf music video "Everybody Knows," Benjamin Verdoes music video "So Bari," Mt. St. Helens Music Video "Gone Again," Brite Futures music video "Test of Time," and more.


Float (Short Film)

Float is a hip-hop laced ode to rainy mid-1990s Seattle centered around a first generation Cambodian immigrant trying to find his place in the world. Still living at home with his family, Rocky Mang, spends his days cruising the streets of Seattle, slanging cheap goods on the corner as he struggles to help his family make ends meet. His days are a hazy wash of grinding and hustling, only broken by his persistent attempts to convince a local barista named Jenni-Mo Day to go on a date.

Awards and Distinctions:
Best Short Film, Urban MediaMakers Film Festival 2018
Best Actor (Tony Teav) Nomination, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinemas 2018
Best Narrative Short Film, San Diego Asian Film Festival 2017
Audience Award Best Short Film, Local Sightings, 2017
Best Soundtrack, NYC Hip Hop Film Festival 2017
Special Mention, 44th Northwest Filmmakers' Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film Nominee, Guam International Film Festival 2017


Additional Official Selections:
DisOrient Asian American Film Festival 2017
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017
Harlem International Film Festival 2017
Madrid International Film Festival 2017
Cambodia Town Film Festival 2017
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2017
9FilmFest Bangkok 2017
Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2018
Cambodia International Film Festival 2018

Zero Zero traces a day-in-the-life of blind ultra-distance hiker Trevor Thomas. The film is meant to be a window into Trevor's world and an impressionistic depiction of how he experiences life on the trail.

For the best experience of this film, we strongly urge you to watch the film with either headphones or a good sound system in a dark quiet room. The experience is auditory just as much as it is visual.

Official Selections:
2015 Port Townsend Film Festival
2015 Tacoma International Film Festival
2015 Southhampton Film Festival in the UK where it was awarded Best Sound in a Short Documentary

Promo for Sax G “Tomorrow’s New Villain” Album

"So Bari" Music Video for Benjamin Verdoes

Record Label: Brick Lane Records

Official Selection:

SIFF Sync Music Video Festival 2015
Denver Starz Film Festival 2015

Premiered on

Commercial for NW Trek Summer 2015

Produced by: We Are Royale

"Everybody Knows" Music Video for Iska Dhaaf

Record Label: Brick Lane Records

Official Selection:

SIFF Sync Music Video Festival 2015, Seattle City Arts Video Oasis Music Video Festival 2014, RiFF (Reel Independent Film Festival), Toronto, CA, 2014

Premiered on

"Test of Time" Music Video for Brite Futures

Record Label: Votiv

"Gone Again" Music Video for Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

To best absorb this video please watch with headphones/good sound system and in full-screen mode. There are many subtle moments throughout the film.

Based on the Album "Where the Messengers Meet" by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Including songs "Gone Again" and "Cadence" and original compositions

Gone Again was an Official Selection at:
2011 1 Reel Festival, Bumbershoot
2015 SIFF Sync Music Video Festival

Premiered at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Port Angeles, WA